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March 11, 2012 - Traveling Modi'in

So where in my last journal I was typing at five in the morning due to my jet lag, I never covered what transpired mainly because I felt it belonged for the next journal where it takes place you know, the next day.

So one of the many reasons I woke up was because of jet lag (and I slept an amazing eight hours) and the other reason was the sudden realization of not having been to the bathroom since I got off the plane. Stupid? Very and beyond unhealthy, but my body was just not ready to use the Israeli bathroom. But at five in the morning I rushed to the bathroom, keeping in mind not wake up anyone in the house (keep in mind, I was at my aunt and uncle's house and they have three kids, ages 7, 5, and five month old). As I closed the door as quietly as I can and turned on the light, I heard shuffling against the window and angry cooing, turns out it was a pigeon sitting on the window still, completely forgetting that my uncle told me not to open the window because of said pigeon. I named him Archimedes.

Afterwards, I head back to my bed and decided to cheek what's going on the other side of the world (thus resulting to the previous post) before I decided to attempt to go back to sleep. Woke up barely to hebrew Spongebob and the girls getting ready for school, zoned out again shortly afterwards. I finally pushed myself out of bed at around 8:30 where my aunt was with the baby. I have a record of being a ninja according to my previous roommate at college and my mom, as in, I tend to walk into room so quietly that no one will notice me. Blessing and a curse, I guess. So anyways, I walked in, and waved hi to my aunt, causing her to jump out of surprise that I startled her and I felt horrible for doing that. She shortly made for both of us coffee and a cheese and olive panini for me for breakfast keeping in mind that I haven't really eaten since I've came off the plane and we relaxed a bit before we got ready to leave the house to do some shopping for things I otherwise couldn't have brought with me from Miami.

As she went upstairs to take a shower, I was getting dressed when the baby became distraught a bit. She told me that if this should happen, to simply flip him to his back. So I did just that and he was clearly flailing his arm to be picked up, not wanting to hear him be upset again thanks to my experience the previous day, I picked him up and sort of jumped quietly to ease him up. He enjoyed it greatly that he began to play with my hair and rub his head against my shirt, giving the occasional smile. He was heavy, but my God was he precious. Shortly, he began to cry and wanted his mom, couldn't blame him, and waited till she came downstairs where apparently he was stuffed up and his rubbing on my shirt was him trying to get rid of the snot in his nose. Like I said, precious.

We made our way to the shopping complex where we went to the equivalent of wal-green to get all sorts soaps and such to put in my apartment. The carts in Israel are definitely smaller than that in America, but they can move in literally every direction with no problem... or maybe that was the one cart I happened to have? Either way, amazing. I nearly flipped out at the prices before I remembered that I had to divide it from 3.7 (or 4 for those nitpicking math people), never the less, it was still expensive and need to keep in mind prices in Israel. Credit card or not. We later went to a clothing store that my aunt has been sending me tunics from, it helps that she has the same taste in clothing as me. While browsing, there were these two clerks fixing up the clothing and just simply relaxin, one of them looked like brother's girlfriend so for a good minute I was convinced it her. She had a good sense in fashion that with both her and my aunt, I managed to find a nice shirt and tunic, as well as snagging a nice pocket watch necklace. My aunt bought herself a nice pair of pants.

We browsed around in another clothes store, one called Castro, which I've heard is the hot spot for clothing (next to another called Fox) that had the fashion sense mixed between Gap, Old Navy, and The Limited. Tried on a couple of suits before I decided that none of them were sitting right, it was either too masculine or a suit from the 80's and so on. After Castro, we ventured to a store so that my aunt could get some clothes for the two girls. While she was getting assistance, I kept an eye on the baby, mainly keeping him entertained and not crying as well as not trying to make him feel uncomfortable. The last thing I needed to do was make him up. He giggled, she bought two dresses and socks, and then it was off to Aroma the Coffee Shop.

After drinking some coffee, my aunt made a stop at the ATM machine to withdraw some cash for me to walk around in (can't always rely on just a credit card, you know) and four times she pressed in the numbers, only to find out that she doesn't remember it. Apparently, a while ago she lost her phone that had everything important in it, namely people's numbers and other important documents. So we decided to drive off and worst case scenario would be the my uncle will withdraw money, and as we were pulling into a different shopping plaza, she got a bright idea to call someone from work, who could look at her desk. She quickly dialed and the guy managed to find the numbers and she thanked him for the huge help and we drove back to where the ATM machine was so she can punch in those numbers again.

Not wanting to go through the hassle of taking in and out the baby cart, she told me to stay in the car with the baby. Fun fact on the baby, he hates to stay in one place for too long. If he stays in one area or isn't moving for more than fifteen minutes, he begins to not just cry, but to yell. And in a car? Yeah. Ears were shot and I was trying the best that I could to hush the baby and not get crazy moms on my butt thinking I'm the worst. Aunt came back eventually and began to drive to hush the crying infant. We later decided to go out and eat sushi (she was craving for it) after dropping off the stuff.

When we reached back to the apartment, I took the challenge to shove all the things I got into my already huge luggage. Succeeded. She cleaned up the baby (who apparently, was crying for a change diaper on top of not moving) and put her own stuff away and decided that we'll walk, the weather was nice so why not? While walking we had a lovely girl to girl talk and catching up on things like what is going with my family, previous boyfriends I had (fun fact: the guy I dated, she dated three of them with the same name. All of them ended horribly. Clearly a horrible name for a boyfriend), and talking about both of my grandmas. When we finally reached the restaurant plaza, the sushi place was apparently closed on Sundays, so we went to the one right next to it, it was owned by the same guy.

It was a quiet sunday afternoon, so there wasn't a lot of people. Ordered an Anti Pesto and some salad while my aunt ordered some liver with jam... thing. There was more cheese than salad in my dish that I began to search for the actual meal in it. I also tried the liver thing for the first time, so for everyone back home who say I'm too nit picky and not daring enough to try new "exotic" food - take that! We chatted up a bit more and decided that it was time to head back home cause we needed to pick up the girls soon. With the weather being nice, the aunt decided that we should go to the park with everyone else when the get back. We reached the apartment, took a bathroom break, and left for the car to pick up the two girls. Aunt thought it would be awesome if I did it and surprised them, she would tell me which floor and what to look for on the door. The youngest of the two girls was grinning when I came through the door, she was practically glowing, the teacher, doing her job, was curious as to who I was until I told her that I'm the little one's cousin from Miami.

I'm popular there cause apparently the teacher goes "OH! You're THAT cousin from Miami!" to which I nodded and answered her question as to how I was related to the child. We then left for the car and drove to pick up the eldest of the two. While the younger one was glowing, this one looked startled, but happy at the same time. I offered to carry her bag which looked like would collapse on her at any moment, but she refused the offer and left for the car. While there, the aunt told them if they would like to go bike riding in the park today. They were fine with it, shortly after she called my uncle and asked as well, all he requested was something to eat cause he was starving, but he was more than up to go out doors. Sandwiches were made, watched more of the hebrew Spongebob (still hilariously stupid in my opinion), several fights between the two girls occurred in regards to two dresses (one was pink, one was white, you know... girly problems) and we eventually all left for a walk.

The baby fell asleep the whole way (which was adorable cause his face was hidden in some cloth that the aunt was wearing to hold him) and we had a pleasant walk. The older girl rides a bike like it's a part of her while the other one still had training wheels. When we arrived to the park, my uncle decided to make a joke how it's split between dads' park, women's park, and orthodox's park, hilariously enough... it was accurate. So while we were sitting and the two girls were running around, the aunt began to wonder who was going to play with baby when he grows up running around like an idiot as well. I also accidentally mixed coca-cola gum with a peanut butter granola bar... it was not the best thing in the world and tasted beyond weird. It was also pointed out that the two girls, when the parents aren't around, acted civil and almost like a tag team, but show them an adult, and it's back to bickering. Thus, the cycle of childhood. It was growing dark so we headed home for the night.

Once there, I had a mini Skype call with my mom and sister (showing them the little baby while I was in the same room and he was making "talking" sounds), shortly after my battery on my iTouch which was where I had the Skype call, died and needed to be recharged. My aunt left to go get ravioli leaving me and my uncle with the three kids, if only to make her shopping much faster. Played mancala with the two girls (the oldest one knew how to play the actual game, the youngest one was just tossing the marbles wherever you want), my uncle and I then talked if I still played the guitar to which, in full honesty, I only remember fully three songs. And they are amateurish at best. Eventually my aunt came back, the two of them prepared the meal while the two girls invited me to play in their tent that was on the balcony. Windy as hell and getting head smacked constantly by a tent prop wasn't my idea of fun, but because it was dark, breezy, and comfortable where I was sitting (when head ducking from said prop), I felt all the energy get drained. The girls were fun, but I was ready to call it a night.

We went back inside afterwards, washed our hands and proceeded to have dinner. Before we ate, we had a mini-thanks (word at the moment slipped me) and a lot of it was geared at me. It's weird, but I have no idea how to react when getting a ton of thanks without sounding like a total prick. Always had that problem, but I returned two folds my thanks for them letting me stay at their place and for helping me out so much in just the last two days. After grace (I think that's the word?) we ate, enjoyed the meal, and helped clean the table from the plates. I had to pick between a penguin lamp that belonged to my aunt and a regular lamp to put on my night stand, ultimately, I would've felt horrible if something bad was to happen to the penguin lamp, so I just ended up choosing the regular lamp. After sayings thanks again, I head back to the room I was staying in and decided to try the converter to charge my laptop and by extension my iPod. Had the hardest time figuring out something so simple that I ended up Skyping my mom and ended up talking to her for an hour. Turns out I wasn't applying enough pressure connecting the wire to the converter. Winner is, once again, me.

After a nice conversation, I decided to call it quit and went to sleep for the night. And with that done. I should really get to typing what happened the next day. Took me two days to write THIS up. Should be up hopefully tonight? We'll see. More pictures in the next update, I swear.

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