Sunday, February 5, 2012

       I told people that I won't have this thing up and running until the end of February, but considering that I have a somewhat hectic schedule ahead of me by the time I actually do decide to update this thing (again, at the end of February) I would have most likely have forgotten this, then freak out about the design, how do I hide old posts from way back when in college (don't worry, found out shortly that I was able to make a whole new blog but keep the account name! Sweet!) and so forth. I should probably write out the statement of sorts as to what this blog will be about.

Now that I think about it... this will most likely be the F.A.Q* page.

This is a documentation starting on March 9, 2012 of me flying to Israel to spend five months there as an intern for an animation company until August 14, 2012. I will be documenting it with either an essay of sorts with photos to show the viewers and the occasional webisodes* of myself. Why am I doing this? Well, for various reasons:

  1. To show friends and family what is going on without having rely on only phone calls and Skype calls, as well as to show them visual documentations as to what I'm describing.
  2. Instead of just drawing and most likely not justifying what or where I have been, simple snapshots and videos can help illustrate. (Guess it kinda falls back to reason #1 doesn't it?)
  3. It's also more of a personal journal for myself so that I can see myself the growth I will go through. People have always said how much suchandsuch has grown/change since whatever ordeal they've been through, so why not document it?
  4. Because it's the hip thing to do nowadays. Seriously, everything is publicized for the viewing public. I'M BEATING THE PAPARAZZI TO THE PUNCH! YEAH!
Now with that out of the way, I'm sure the next question on the mind is why on earth did I pick what's probably the dumbest title out there? Isn't that from an already more successful show? Won't I get sued?

Well... probably not last one, but the other two are most likely running around. The main reason I chose the title is because I love the show, it's a really funny show and I love that they send a clueless individual to places that are vastly different in culture. With that in mind, I've been told constantly (as I'm assuming, everyone else out there has also encountered) is that I'm "uncultured" and that I'm too "square and American" (seriously? Why is that considered as simplicity is beyond me...) and being sent to Israel, a place that is not as square and uncultured as America, I'll most likely end up looking like a deer in headlights. Even with friends and family there (I should also mention that yes, I have a family in Israel but I never actually lived in Israel, maximum I stayed there for about two week to a month, never more) I will most likely derp* around and looking like an idiot with a camera. Is it all clicking together now? Awesome! If not, watch the show, then come back here when I officially launch the documentation, you have till August to finally catch on to the joke.

Well, that should cover most things. I'll see you guys on March 9 when I finally take off... see ya soon!!

Terminology for the Internet Illiterate:

F.A.Q = Frequently Asked Question; Questions that are being asked on one too many occasions.

Webisodes; Episodes that are shown online, like normal television shows.

Derp; A moment of stupidity a.k.a* brain farting stupidity.

A.K.A = Also Known As; A title that has a different title.

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